ALL PLANTS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY - Local Las Vegas Delivery/Pickup Only



Why are your plants more expensive? Can’t I get a cheaper one at a big box store?
  • Our plants are dirt to doorstep meaning they are the highest quality indoor tropical plants on the market. They have been sourced and sent to Las Vegas just for you.  Plants in big box stores or in a showroom can sit for weeks or even months and are likely not receiving quality care. Because of this, they are less likely to adjust to the environment in your home, which is why they tend to be more difficult to take care of. Because our plants are going straight to you, they will be able to adapt quickly, and will be easier to care for. 

I am looking for a certain plant in a certain size but don't see it listed, can you order for me?

  • Yes!  We understand we might not have every plant listed, that doesn't mean we are not able to source it for you.  Give us a call at 702-605-5432 or email us at and we can source it for you.

Do you offer maintenance services for the plants?

  • Yes!  Visit www.SinCityPlants.Com and send us a message.  We service both commercial and residential clients.  We offer bi-weekly maintenance programs with our plant service guarantee.  

How long will it take to receive my plant?

  • All orders placed will be delivered the following week.  We source our plants from the finest growers in the Western US, and our plants get delivered every week.
Will my plant come potted in the container I’ve ordered? 
  • Yes. We will plant your plant into the designated container unless other wise noted.
Can I order just a plant or just a container?
  • Absolutely! All of our plants and containers are available for purchase together or separately, so you can an order whatever you need, and we will deliver accordingly. If you have questions about potting your plant, we are here to help.
Do you direct pot the plants?
  • No. We believe it is better to leave the plant in the grow pot, and place the grow pot inside of a larger planter. We then prop the plant up using styrofoam, add a plastic tray, and foam collars to secure the plant and top with moss.  If you accidentally water too much, you won’t have to worry about the plant leaking or making a big mess on your floor. The water will drain through, and the plant will drink as it needs. The gap between the grow pot and planter provides air circulation to dry out the roots between waterings so you can prevent disease and rot.  All of our plants for our current customers are planted this way, and the plants are extremely happy still.
How do I care for the plants?
  • Most of the plants we offer are ones that are going to thrive in your home. We want you to have the best experience in taking care of your plants. Our featured plants are some of the best for purifying the air, while also being some of the easiest to maintain.
  • Our general rule of thumb is to water every 10-14 days. If you want it to be easier, water on the same day every other week. Set an alarm on your phone and tend to the plants. If you are a few days late the plant will be ok but you might notice some leaves will droop or turn yellow.
  • You might see some yellow leaves or brown tips between waterings (which is normal) just trim those off.
  • When you go to water, touch the soil. Most of these plants want to dry between waterings. If the soil is dry, great!  Give it enough water to completely soak through.  If the plant is still wet, leave it, let the soil dry before you water.  Most people tend to over water plants.  Sometimes forgetting to water is better.  
  • If you have any questions about plant care, please reach out to us directly!

 Where should I place the plants?  How do I know which plants will do well in my home?

  • Most of the plants we offer are ones that will do well in medium to low light areas.  This means that the plant is getting light indirectly from a window or artificially from lights in your house for at least 8 hours.  Some plants need to be placed by or near a hot window.  We have indicated these in the descriptions for plants.  If you still have questions or want to setup a virtual walkthru, we can recommend certain plants for certain areas.