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About Us

Who we are:

Sin City Plants is a locally owned and operated interior plantscaping business that has been servicing commercial and residential clients in Las Vegas since 2014.  We source the highest quality indoor plants, and provide a bi-weekly plant service to ensure every plant looks its best.  Seeing a need for high quality tropical indoor plants, we decided to open an online store to provide these same high quality plants to those in the Las Vegas community.  

The quality of indoor plants available for purchase in Las Vegas are slim, and we want to bring the bright, beautiful, lush and most importantly fresh plants directly to your doorstep.  When purchasing a plant from big box stores, you don't know how long the plant has been sitting on the shelf, or if the plant is past its prime.  We want to eliminate the guessing, and provide you with the same plants that we provide our clients straight from our growers. 

Why order from us:

Through Sin City Plants, we are able to source the highest quality and widest selection of plants and have them delivered directly to Las Vegas.  This eliminates the middle man (hardware store, local nurseries) to ensure that you are receiving your plants quickly and are able to start caring for your newest friend.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best overall experience through communication and professionalism.  From the moment you place your order, to when your plant arrives at your door, we guarantee the process will be easy.